About Chamilo

Chamilo is an e-learning and course management web application, a free software under the GNU/GPLv3+ license. It's translated into more 30 languages, SCORM 1.2 compatible, light and flexible.

Chamilo supports many different kinds of learning and collaboration activities. Teachers/trainers can create, manage and publish their courses through the web. Students/trainees can follow courses, read content or participate actively through groups, forums, chat. Administrators provide support to trainers and trainee

Technically, Chamilo is a web application written in PHP that stores data in a MySQL database. Users access it using a web browser. The first stable version of Chamilo, Salto, was based on the Dokeos(TM) code and can be used to upgrade institutions away from Dokeos or Claroline 1.*.

If you would like to know more or help develop this software, please visit
our homepage at https://chamilo.org


Chamilo imports and manages SCORM 1.2 contents.
For more information on SCORM normalisation, see http://www.adlnet.org
Chamilo does not implement the full set of SCORM 1.2 specifications, as many are not mandatory. Check our website for more details.


Since version 1.11.10, Chamilo also fully supports IMS/LTI 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, Outcomes and Deep Linking.
Since version 1.11.12, Chamilo also fully supports IMS/LTI 1.3.


Chamilo is distributed under the GNU General Public license (GNU/GPLv3+).
Read the GNU General Public license (GPL) .


Chamilo is an AMP software. This means it should work on any platform running Apache
+ MySQL + PHP. It is then supposed to work on the following Operating Systems :

It has been tested on

We officially recommend Debian and Ubuntu operating systems for their security, packaging system, community and availability to the public.

E-mail functions remain silent on systems where there is no mail sending software (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim4, Hamster...), which is the case by default on a Windows machine.


Chamilo imports SCORM 1.2 compliant learning contents. It imports "On the shelve" contents from many companies : NETg, Skillsoft, Explio, Microsoft, Macromedia, etc.

Admin interface imports users through CSV and XML. You can create a CSV file from a list of users in MS-Excel. OpenOffice can export to both CSV and XML formats.
Many database management systems, like Oracle, SAP, Access, SQL-Server, LDAP, etc export to CSV and/or XML.

Chamilo includes a LDAP module that allows admin to disable database authentication and replace it by connecting to a LDAP directory.

Client side, Chamilo runs on any browser : Firefox, Internet Explorer (11+), Chrome, Safari, Opera, ...
For better user experience, we recommend Firefox (you can download it freely from http://getfirefox.com).


Chamilo is also an association, backed up by a network of private partners to assist companies and institutions in their e-learning projects. This network also promotes professional versions of Chamilo solutions, which consist of complete packages of services (see https://chamilo.org/providers for more details)


The Chamilo association offers official certification programs through its official providers. These certifications are available for affordable fees. Check https://shop.beeznest.com for more info and to take the certification test directly.

Association Contact address:
Mail: info@chamilo.org

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